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Our Boxers - Gallery

Get to know the Pets behind our Show Dogs!

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and Tasmanian playing ball at the dogpark!

Sleek & Beautiful


Crazy garden moments! Duque and little Imsomnia enjoying the day! Love this silly face :)

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and baby Tasmanian at the beach during winter! They love balls! :)

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and Imsomnia playing in the reef during our vacations!

Sleek & Beautiful

Crates or Chairs?

Ivy resting on her chair after another win.

Sleek & Beautiful

Super Mama Tazy

Who said pregnant bitches can't train some obedience?

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and Ivy representing the boxer breed for everyone who wishes to learn about our breed.

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and Star napping!