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Sleek & Beautiful

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Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and Tasmanian playing ball at the dogpark!

Sleek & Beautiful


Crazy garden moments! Duque and little Imsomnia enjoying the day! Love this silly face :)

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and baby Tasmanian at the beach during winter! They love balls! :)

Sleek & Beautiful


Duque and Imsomnia playing in the reef during our vacations!

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December 4, 2018 No Comments

It is with great pride that… <3

It is with great pride that we confirm the pregnancy of our girl, Tasmanian Red Devil von Haustieres der Gebirge. It is our very first litter, litter A, and we could not be more anxious and hopefull about the near future! She holds our hopes and dreams now! ❤️

December 3, 2018 No Comments

More News Soon!!! <3

We’re so excited about this! Our girl, Tazy is expecting her first litter! How many babies will it be? May they arrive perfect and healthy! More news soon ❤️

November 19, 2018 No Comments


How can I start? 💕 This weekend was the last of Imsomnia (Ivy) as Junior… and what a weekend it was! We are still speachless! Multi JrCh Azazelbox Imsomnia – 17 months (MCh Karnivale de la Finca Sapho x Cata de Ederit del Norte) is now… 🏆🥇🇵🇹 NEW PORTUGUESE JUNIOR CHAMPION 🇵🇹 🥇🏆 This weekend results: 17th Ribeira Grande […]