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Our History

My name is Sara and I've been in love with dogs from the very moment I've started to walk and I could finally chase after them!

When I bought my first boxer, a flashy fawn male, years ago, I never thought he would take such a tremendous space in my life. I didn't know how fascinating this breed was, how funny, human, familiar and willing to please and work with us, they were. I didn't think he would know exactly what to do to fullfill so many levels of our lifes and precisely what to do to make us happy.

 I did not expect him to defend me naturaly when I was scared and in danger but at the very same day that he would be able to sleep in my arms as a "little" 35kg "baby". We did so many shows, travelled a lot, made some friends, won some titles. I learned so much about them and with them every day. I still do. They inspire me! Now I know, beyond any doubt, that this is my breed, today and always.

Von Chronos Haus - Why?

A few people asked me this. Actually is quite simple. I don't like to hear about the concept of old or modern boxers. I know it's a reality but quite an alien one for my understanding of what a standard should be. Even though it suffered some updates, it remains basicly the same. Our kennel, "von Chronos Haus", stands for "the house of time". We aim to select and breed by the standard, by what we understand that is the ideal... timeless boxers!


We aim to provide good, sound, well balanced, quality puppies both for good pet homes and for show, all raised in a family environment. We believe that for a good socialisation we need to expose our puppies to a daily routine, family life and all that entails. This means they are always part of our family too. Our dogs are all health tested. Were and are continuously tested for beauty and character. Our wish is to preserve this unique breed, to search for our special boxer, that perfect image in our head and help others, the way we wished we were helped to find the boxer of our dreams.

Boxer Club of Portugal Member nr 905, since 2016

Portuguese Kennel Club (C.P.C.) Member nr 1932

FCI Affixe/Kennel nr 2018/152